“Jennifer Laing is one of the most genuine, caring, and powerful soul I have ever met. The Divine Intervention healings, group circles, and other amazing/esoteric activities she offers throughout the year empowered me to be free, to be clear, and to be joyous in all that I am doing!!! Since meeting her at the Addison Wellness Expo where she was giving a lecture on “Mudras, Mantras, and More”, I took a Light Language Class with her where she taught me how to weave my desires into reality through the use of written sacred geometry. Needless to say, ALL of the grids I have written after completing the class MANIFESTED. This was my first exposure to the powerful & esoteric nature of Jennifer and the ancient lineages she embodies and teaches. After partaking in many healing circles throughout the year, I have to testify that each and every circle was ENTIRELY unique in what issues were worked on, what insights were revealed, and the most profoundly: HOW MUCH LOVE WAS REDISCOVERED WITHIN ME!! Also I have to mention just how powerful the Divine Intervention sessions with her are. She’s helped me get over chronic and stubborn Eczema, and also a neurologic comprehension issue I was having, both of wich other healers and doctors were at a loss for explanation. Jennifer is able to tune into the core causes of a condition extremely accurately. I have come to learn that whatever class, circle, or activity that I go to, I always leave SOMA feeling much more energized, clear, healthy, and joyous than ever before! As I reflect back on the events I attended this year including Prosperity Mantra class (get ready to prosper!!), Firewalking, and Youthing Ceremony (Where I experienced reunion and reawakening from my extraterrestrial DNA so much that I felt AT LEAST 2 years younger IMMEDIATELY), I realize that Jennifer is truly a humble teacher with such a big heart in sharing the teachings/energies/healings from the masters she has studied with. I am so grateful to have all of this available within the deeply sacred & soulful environment of SOMA. Everyone there was so warm and welcoming when I first started going to SOMA and I plan to go their for a VERY long time! See you there!”

~ Daron Shang

I have purposely waited for 10 days before reporting my experience at a recent SOMA meditation class. It impressed me so much at the time but I wanted to be sure I would apply the methods to my life and lifestyle before recommending it to others. Having been a lifelong skeptic, partly due to upbringing but mostly just habit, it has been difficult for me to open up to different ways of relaxation and thinking. I can truthfully say that the three hours I spent there taught me more about how to relax and control my stress, than anything I have ever tried. Jennifer is amazing and I am so thankful that she is willing to give her time and talent to help others have a better quality of life. I highly recommend her classes and plan to attend more of them myself. “

~ Glenda Jacobs

“I met Dr. Laing in Aug 1996, at the beginning of her time of transformation into the healer she is today. She has never stopped learning, and seems to never tire when it comes to helping someone, either in traditional medicine or now with SOMA. She shines with an inner light that has made my life better, and her desire to help others to heal themselves just proves how dedicated she is to being a servant of the Goddess. She is a remarkable woman of gentle grace, who is not afraid to tell you the bitter truth. Thankyou for making my life better.”

~ Therrel Reed

“Dr. Jennifer Laing has been a brilliant ray of hope and light in our lives. When my husband’s mother passed away unexpectedly in October 2008 I knew he needed someone who could help him balance his grief. I began looking for someone to perform Reiki for him and spent weeks researching Reiki Masters. Dr. Laing’s was recommended by several people in the Mystical Community and we decided to make to the drive to Sherman and ‘check her out’. I knew she was a kindred soul from the moment I shook her hand. She is down to earth and loving and powerful all in the same breath. After one DISR session with Dr. Laing, my husband Mark has been able to sort through his confusion and pain thereby making peace with his grief. Seeing his face after Dr. Laing’s treatment prompted me to make an appointment the following week for myself. Dr. Laing researched my astral chart and performed a DISR for me. I can’t express how much it means to know that there is someone who can help me lift the burdens emotional afflictions I have carried through my life. We plan to see Dr. Laing on an ongoing basis and look forward to cultivating the gift of healing she has given us.”

~ Deborah & Mark Watkins

“I use Dr. Jennifer Laing both as a medical doctor and for her energy healings sessions. She has been wonderful as both. It is so refreshing to have a medical doctor who not only tolerates, but encourages alternative medicines and will even suggest them. I have done several energy healings privately with her and have always felt refreshed and come to term with some issues. I think so much of her, in fact, that I am switching my children from their pediatrician over to her practice. Please feel free to use any of this that you may need for the SOMA website.”

~ Julie Tully

“I have known Jennifer Laing for several years. I am delighted to report that she has been a wonderful business associate, open, straightforward and very committed to her profession of healing of others, As well as our business assocation, she is a dear and true friend of mine, always listening and caring, and lives in the spirit of being completely open and non judgemental. I am also fortunate that she treats me as a patient, her skills as a clinician echo her qualities as a friend; always listening, attentive and caring. This is truly someone who gets up every day to do good works and heal others. One of the qualities that I most enjoy is her funny, zany and unique brand of humor…no silent or tense moments with this gal for sure. It is with much love and admiration that I give the highest recommendation and testimonial to Jennifer.”

~ Debra Layman

“I have known Dr. Laing for many years and she is a phenomenal doctor! When I leave her office I feel like I have been completely cared for mind, body, and spirit! There is simply no comparison! She is able to offer medical care on a more complete level than other doctors. Also, I just completed a Light Language class at SOMA this weekend with Jennifer and Reverend Sioux Storm, and it was one of the most wonderful and magical things I’ve ever experienced! Truly incredulous! With each class I take at SOMA, I am filled with more love and light. I can not say enough about SOMA or Reverend Jennifer Laing! Blessed Be”

~ Jewel Davis

“My husband and I could think of no one better to perform our handfasting than my good friend, Jennifer Laing. She helped us pick out the perfect date: after Mercury went back direct, a full lunar eclipse, on a Wednesday, and in February. It couldn’t have fallen on a better day! She then prepared the most beautiful ceremony, keeping my husband and me in mind when creating it. It was simply perfect! It really fit us. I don’t think I could have envisioned a better night or a better ceremony. It was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever had the privilege to see, and even better… participate in. The handfasting was held out back of SOMA at dusk. The moon (before it had eclipsed) was peeking through the trees. Close friends gathered around the circle. The lulling sound of the water trickling through the small creek just behind us. It was just magical! We then had a small reception inside SOMA. SOMA is just so beautiful inside and the energy there, and all around the property, for that matter, is just wonderful. We had a great night and it was a great start to our marriage! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I can’t thank Jen enough for everything she and her family did to help put that event together.”

~ Kelli Jacobson

“Love my first session and can’t wait for more classes to enrich my soul and life.”

~ Deborah Hull Murphy

“This morning started with a delicious breakfast at Soma followed by a healing circle. The healing circle energy is so positive and transformational that 12 hours later I am still feeling the effects of peacefulness and LESS back pain!”

~ Heather Burk

“Very nice way to end the weekend and create a fresh start for the week ahead. Something to look forward to. You will be surrounded by blessed souls….. safe, warm environment. Jennifer is knowledgeable and has the heart and soul to nurture you to healing. Namaste.”

~ Rhonda Corley

“TGA – The Great Awakening is happening,”

~ Evelyn Shaw

“Jennifer Laing is very knowledgeable about spiritualism.  She offers comprehensive guidance that is easy to follow.  She is open to teaching whatever you are desiring to learn, while also seeking out what your mental and spiritual self needs in order to be more at peace and centered.  I highly recommend the School of Mystical Awakening!”

~ Katie Freeman

“Feeling better after seeing this beautiful healer…Being diagnosed with a Serious Condition, She helped to channel the negative energy out so I can focus on healing by releasing it all to God. Thank you Dr. Laing.”

~ Tiffany S. Dixon

“I booked my energy Healing and it was incredible! Jennifer was flexible with my ever changing schedule! Vibrant energy. Powerful insight. Relieving Release. In the midst of COVID, Jenifern wore mask, abundant precautions taken.

I recommend theayan Energy Healing for those seeking clarity, a re-up on the “batteries” for all who have been weighted with the struggles that seem to have piled in 2020.

In addition to the healing, I was grateful to receive a detox foot soak, providing relief from sludgy, heavy, yuckyness – this is the first time I’ve had one and will say I’m interested in contuned detox soaks! Results continue to be felt days after my session!

fantastic experience. 10/10!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ Seth Martin-Yeary

“When you drive onto the land you enter a beautiful Sanctuary of Love bathed in Divine Light. The land and surroundings truly speak to you if you relax and quiet your mind. The Ladies and Gentlemen here become more than friends they melt into your life like family. If you’ve never experienced a gathering at S.O.M.A…, you really should. The one on one sessions are even better. Jen is well versed in her journey of Mastery and will answer you honestly, so prepare yourself. All is delivered in a loving manner for your Highest good. After all we all want an abundant and Prosperous life, so treat yourself to clearing the blocks and embracing your true self. Self Love and Care is Divine. Blessings to All”

~ Blu Criger

“My first experience and I must say I was amazed at the difference I felt immediately upon completion. My soul felt cleansed, my perspective of the world calmer, more peaceful with more clarity. A detoxification of the soul. Highly recommend!”

~ Tricia Riley

I went yesterday to the Grapevine Health Expo for one purpose only, to have another Reiki session from Dr. Jennifer Laing. The first one I years ago, was absolutely amazing.

I wasn’t depressed, but I was struggling on how re-create my life after 22 years of marriage ending, losing a home, farm animals and pets. Finding a new home and adjusting well. And I was weepy.

After a one hour Reiki session with her. I was NOT WEEPY! I felt centered and focused and best of all PEACEFUL! Got my life together and I’ve had 26 years being successful and single.?

Now having somewhat serious health issues, I’m back trying to find solutions of benefit and feeling scattered once again. The good news is after session with Dr. Laing yesterday , I am feeling peaceful and focused!

She has been Blessed with a powerful energy to heal.❤️?❤️ As well as, being a centered and focused doctor who has successfully treated me for 25 years and counting.

Obviously I can’t say enough about the gratitude I feel for Dr. Laing. I’m happy to have the opportunity!”

~ Heather Burk

I went to Jennifer for the Reiki 1 & 2 attunement. She is a gifted and true spiritual teacher. Her knowledge and generosity is evident in the ways that she teaches. She takes her time to make sure her students can fully understand and apply the content. Her school, SOMA, is a reflection of her warm and welcoming personality. The school was comfortable, beautiful and very welcoming. It was a pleasure to learn Reiki in such a beautiful environment from a lovely person. I would highly recommend Jennifer and the School of Mystical Awakening to all spiritual seekers.”

~ Debbie C.

After healing circle on February 21, 2010 with Jennifer, I requested that she remember me with positive energy regarding my work and finances. She gave me a mantra to Ganesh to overcome obstacles regarding work/money…Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha. She told me I needed to repeat it daily for 40 days as much as I could each day. For background’s sake, I had lost my business in May 2009 and basically no income for almost about a year, since I was not drawing a salary from the store even prior to its closing. I had, of course, been looking and applying for employment everywhere I could all this time. In June 2009 I started a part-time bookkeeping job for a small business, but that was only about 10 hours a month. Then in the fall I applied to a local school district as a substitute teacher, but was never called to teach, even though I was on their approved list. Then February 16th I started doing another bookkeeping job part-time. Since I work contract for them I was only expecting half the monthly salary.

Within five days of starting my mantra I was called, out of the blue, to work as a substititute teacher for the school district who had not called me since school started last fall! Today, Feb. 26, I was given my full month’s salary from the new bookkeeping job, even though I had worked only half the month. Also, today I stopped by my old shop where I still keep my products in the doctor’s office and someone had unexpectedly made a purchase and left the money.

I will certainly keep using my mantra. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold regarding my work and finances. With these kinds of results in just a few days, I can’t imagine what goodness is awaiting me!!

Thanks, Jennifer, my teacher and friend! May you be blessed with a light spirit and joyful heart!


~ Mary Ann Page, Whitesboro, Texas

“My experience with Dr. Jennifer Laing has been an enlightening one, which has made my mind more open to other paths and ways of thinking. I’ve taken her Reiki II course and initiation, and have found my experience with her to be very positive and grounded – she knows what she’s talking about and teaches her lessons (with Reiki, a pinch of this and that, and a dash of life thrown in) very well and in a practical manner. She truly is the real deal, very smart, and has shown me that life can be a positive path. No wonder she signs her emails with “Love and Light” – she’s full of it. (That’s a good thing in my book). The Reiki course was explained to me very well, and after my initiation she gave me a bit of hands on experience to which I am very thankfull for. It’s one thing to teach someone something, but to follow through and make sure it’s understood is a completely different story. She’s a wonderful woman, and a joy to be around. Thanks so much Dr. Laing!”

~ Nathan Red

“Dr. Jennifer Laing, has been a dear friend and my personal physician for many years. I am very proud of her accomplishments with SOMA. I remember us discussing her vision some years back and now her dream and vision are a reality. The beauty of Jennifer’s spiritual work is that she can lend assistance in the science part of healing, but, also blend it with metaphysical healing modalities. I am blessed to have the best of both worlds with her as my doctor. She has gained much spiritual knowledge over the years and doesn’t mind sharing it with like-minded people who are interested in learning. I know without a doubt my friend Dr. Jennifer Laing, will continue to be a work in progress for many years because she enjoys learning new things. As I am sure along that journey she will help many people who will come in search of their own spiritual process while seeking guidance at SOMA. Here is wishing you all the blessings life has to offer a kindred spirit. I am grateful to call you my friend and spiritual sister this life time! Warm Regards…”

~ Unarei Saldana, Owner of The Labyrinth Metaphysical Store & Reiki Master Teacher

“As someone who works with a large cross section of physicians professionally across the country, I can tell you Dr. Laing is one of the best diagnosticians I have worked with, both as her patient and professionally. The CARE she gives to and the UNDERSTANDING she has for her patients is incredible . The medical knowledge she has and the compassion she shows her patients is second to none.”

~ Richard M. Cohen, Ph.D.

“Dr. Jennifer Laing was introduced to me through conversation with a neighbor. My neighbor told me that Dr. Laing is a family physician and is unlike any doctor she has met. My neighbor spoke highly concerning Dr. Laing’s personality and knowledge in the mind, the body and spiritual aspects. Then I and my husband attended a friend’s wedding where we were overwhelmed by the Reverend’s ceremony. It was so beautiful and poignant. I then found out the Reverend who performed the ceremony was Dr. Jennifer Laing. WOW! I can’t believe how she keep’s popping up in my life. At the time I was suffering debilatating migraines. I had already switched doctors three times: two Neurologists, a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist. And, not to mention MRI’s, CAT Scan’s, Allergy Tests, Diet changes and the debt of it all. With just one “Energy Work Session”, and through Sunday Services at SOMA I know that I am going to be alright and can forgive and let go of the past and live in the here and now. I look forward to every class and Yoga session I attend at SOMA and haven’t missed a Sunday Service since I began. For the first time in my life I feel and know I am on the right path. Word’s can’t express the gratitude I have for Dr. Laing. She is truly a gift from God.”

~ Angela Miller, Student and Patient

“I have known Rev. Jennifer Laing, MD since shortly after she moved to the area over 10 years ago. She teaches her patients how to become active partners in their healing. She has provided care for me on all levels of body, mind and soul using a combination of allopathic medicine and a variety of complementary healing methods. Shortly after we became acquainted outside of her medical practice, she discovered her neighbors were manufacturing and trafficking drugs. In her true manner of continually bringing more Light to our community, Jen acquired the property, and opened SOMA; a place where those interested in personal healing and growth gather to learn their spiritual truths. A once dark property has become a place of serenity. Jen has been studying various religious and healing practices since childhood. She shares this knowledge in informal discussions at healing circles, personal healing sessions and in classes taught by herself or others. The environment is non judgmental, and the energy is pure Light and Love.”

~ Kim Rice, Certified Medical Assistant and Reiki Master

“In October 2010 I was living a normal life with my husband of 36 years. I was working full time as an RN, as I had done for the past 40 years, and my husband, an attorney, had his own law practice. On October 9, 2010, everything changed. On that day I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 12 days after my diagnosis I underwent major surgery in which 1/2 of my pancreas and my spleen were removed, along with 38 lymph nodes. After a brief recuperative period I began 5 months of chemotherapy, to be followed by radiation and chemo in combination for an additional 7 weeks.

It is difficult to convey the devastating impact of not only the diagnosis…but the effects of the medical treatment…physically and emotionally. One day you are sitting in your home engaged in your familiar routine…when suddenly a tidal wave slams through the middle of your living room…and your life…and sweeps you away, and you find yourself utterly unprepared, and gasping for breath, trying desperately to hold on to anything you can…but it is far too powerful.

My husband and I began searching for any and all information to help me in, what was I knew, a fight for my life. Both of us having medical backgrounds, we were all too familiar with the shortcomings of conventional medical treatment….which was all that was offered by my oncologist. They were long on toxic chemotherapy, but short on treating the whole person.

I was familiar with Jennifer Laing, the medical doctor…and sought her advice on more integrative care. It was in her medical office that I learned of SOMA.

With my first visit to her office, it was apparent that Dr. Laing was in tune with my thoughts and my fears. She understood my needs in a brief meeting…and offered a healing session through SOMA.

This was so beyond my usual experience in a doctor’s office…where my blood pressure is typically off the chart from anxiety…and instead she made me feel calm and reassured. I didn’t have any idea what a healing session was…but knew I needed to do this for myself. In fact, I felt like somebody was finally going to help me.

Little did I know that I was about to begin an amazing healing journey.

The first time that I went to SOMA, I had already undergone three chemo infusions, and was feeling devastatingly tired and emotionally drained. I barely had the energy to go, but I knew that this was something that was going to benefit me…I was not going to miss it. I knew that I had to do this.

What happened at that session was so totally unexpected…and so powerful…Dr. Laing…in a way that I cannot fully comprehend or explain… guided me to a place where I was engulfed by healing powers…powerful imagery and emotion and warmth and bright light…it was so profound that I cannot with words explain…without sounding odd…or eccentric…but it was so real, and so uplifting, and so HEALING.

When I returned home my husband could not believe the transformation…when I left the house, I had been barely able to move and felt sick. When I returned…I was energized and felt WELL…whatever it was that had happened…it was amazing. Suddenly the term ‘mystical awakening’ seemed to apply to me and to be completely descriptive of what had happened to me during my healing session. I felt excited…like I was getting the help that I needed to get and stay well. I have now been to Dr. Laing numerous times…and it has always been an amazing experience….one that brings me to a higher level of healing.

My husband and I both are so thankful for Dr. Laing and the gifts that she possesses and has shared. She has given me something that traditional medicine can’t offer, and that I would not have been able to achieve without her skillful guidance. My scans have remained clean, but I still must go every three months for a check up…more scans…and I continue to go to Dr. Laing for the healing and support that SOMA gives me. I truly believe that SOMA has been an indispensable part of my healing and recovery. I recommend SOMA, not just for someone with a health challenge, but for anyone who seeks mental, physical or spiritual peace and healing.”

~ Gaye Popkess

“She is absolutely amazing in all aspects of her healing. Go see her no matter the reason.”

~ Audra Powell

“Thank you Dr. Laing for helping me release the negative emotions relating to my recent Health Diagnosis. You helped me channel those emotions so I can begin my road to healing. You are not only an amazing wealth of knowledge, but you believe and practice through the power of God.”

~ Tiffany Dixon

“Thank you Dr Laing for giving me ways to work through the sudden death of my daughter. It is such a shock to our family. I got comfort and piece of mind from talking with you.”

~ Janet Witcher

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