Jennifer LasingMission Statement

SOMA is a nondenominational healing ministry that holds fast this basic tenet:
“God as you know Hym wants you to be well — in all facets”.

About Jennifer

Reverend Jennifer Laing, MD is a healer in the truest sense of the word–bridging the gap between allopathic and complementary medicine. Along with being a board certified family physician she holds certifications as a Reiki master of the Usui and Karuna traditions and as a Master Teacher of Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission. In her medical practice she utilizes her energy healing skills along with aromatherapy and stone healings to create an ambiance of healing. During energy healings she also integrates these skills to help the client ‘get it’ and get on the road to wellness. Spiritual guidance readings consist of runes, tarot, Vedic astrology and channeling of her guides to help people learn to help themselves.

From Jennifer…

“SOMA is my lifelong dream although I didn’t quite know it to be at its inception. As a child I suffered from severe asthma and allergies. In the late 1960’s there did not exist the medicines that do today; hence by default I had to learn how to be proactive in my health. I recall reading about herbs, vitamins, energy healing and positive imagery. I saw in myself how my attitude affected my health. Consequently, this lead me to pursue a career in medicine where I felt that I had to park my right brain for a bit in order to become indoctrinated in the paternalistic mode of healing. And yet my personal experience with health and disease coupled with seeing people die who ‘shouldn’t have’ and people live who ‘shouldn’t have’ only made me yearn more to understand what makes people ‘tick’ so to speak. Shortly after graduating from residency I received a cold call from a recruiter that led me to my present home in Sherman TX. Away from home (metro Detroit area) and friends I had a lot of time to work on my ‘stuff’ and my interest in complimentary medicine. I have studied reiki-and I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki master, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, the Bible, tarot, the Kabbalah, Celtic studies, Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission-in which I am a teacher in the lineage, and comparative religions. My desire is to merge the wisdom that I have learned and continue to glean from ‘western medicine’ with that which is considered ‘complimentary’. I do not view them as mutually exclusive, but rather as two parts of a whole. May our paths cross soon…”


The road to success is rarely achieved alone and to be sure there are many along the path of the ‘bridge that brought me over’ who deserve a wholehearted ‘thank you.’ Some have been instructors and others encouraged me when I wanted to abandon my dreams. A list of names would be unending but there are those who deserve special mention. Firstly, to God/ Goddess/ the Christ Consciousness–thank you for the comfort, support and protection during those times I felt to be my darkest hours. To my parents, Peter and Sylvia Laing–thank you for putting up with me! I know I was no ‘walk in the park’ to raise. I love and miss you both immensely. To my children–Randy and Mackenzie–for their patience regarding the innumerable interruptions our fun times have endured because ‘duty called’. To my friends-Michelle (Kelso) Burczyk, Ann Dicken, Cathy ‘Unarei’ Saldana, Deb Stucker, and Barb Nicholas–for teaching me firsthand about unconditional love and ‘sisterhood’. To my ‘right hand woman’ Sue Swink–for putting up with me at the office!! You truly deserve to hit the jackpot at Choctaw one day. To my master teacher Rev Sioux Storm and to the Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission lineage holder, Rev Starr Fuentes–thank you for helping me ‘get over my shit’ and furthering my spiritual evolution.

Those previously mentioned helped me on a personal level but there were those who helped make the School of Mystical Awakening (SOMA) a reality on the physical plane. She was a bit of a ‘fixer upper’ at the onset. With their blood, sweat and tears, a dilapidated house of ill repute has been transformed into a place of love, light and healing. To Richard ‘Tiny’ Justice for serving as a spiritual intermediary during the transition. To Bob Godwin and Therrel Reed for all of their hard work–reroof, new doors, new windows, total paint job, etc. –both of you deserve a standing ovation for the transformation.

Again this list of gratitude could go on and on. For those not mentioned—and you know who you are–please accept my deepest gratitude in making SOMA manifest. As a point of light in North Texas, She helps to work the grid of healing for all of us—for where there is light, darkness cannot exist…

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