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February 2009


Boy that is a question I field frequently. Most people are familiar with Reiki, which is a great healing modality; heck, I teach it too! But Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission (DISR) – which I will shorten to DI for the sake of this article and for my fingers as I am not a secretary, is a step beyond… way beyond. Historically DI is the energy healing modality used by the ancient Mayans, and still used by the Curanderos in Central America. It was brought to the United States by Starr Fuentes who studied with the Curanderos for three years in Vera Cruz.

Just from a fundamental standpoint, the energy pattern used in DI is more intense, 144 rays of healing vs. Reiki which is one ray. The way the energy works is different as well. With DI we hold a dimension and frequency… such that lower vibration material precipitates out of the body. Just how this energetic poop or manifestation appears can be a seemingly innocuous as a piece of dust or a leaf, but I have witnessed stones and even a Christmas ornament hook! Wild! The latter was on a client with a metallic hip. I was working on her from the standpoint of the body and the hip melding/coexisting. The hook was beneath me at the end of the session… it was not there before… I promise you!

Now while that is a cool party trick, the big bonus with DI is that we work the mind body connection with the client to help them understand their role in the process of disease as well as in the path to health. It is awesome to see the client come to that moment of Satori, that moment of understanding, and own the process, allowing for healing to occur… at all levels.

The training is intense… 2 weeks. There is a restructuring of one’s self centered ego to allow for true connection with Spirit and the greater good of all. No, it is not fun dealing with your shit, but if you don’t deal with it, it will deal with you in your health, your relationships, your jobs, your kids, your life. Hence DI is a true course in self mastery.

To be sure, the fee is more than with Reiki courses. The class is longer; people are required to stay on campus so that they are on the energy grid, making for lodging and food fees. But the big part of the fee covers what the teachers go thru after the course. We hold the students in our energetic field for one year upon completion. That is no small task, the students go through an issue… well, so do we on some level. There are follow-ups with the students, as many as are needed to support them in stepping into their power.

Last night I had a potential student ask the question: “How can I make this cash back if I take DISR?” There is the obvious, by doing healings, but I turned it about and asked back: “What part of you does not feel worthy of self mastery?” To be sure one can pay in one lump sum, but for me a down payment of approximately 12% secures your position in the class. She thought about it a bit and realized that the true block happened to be within herself.

Today’s world can be absolutely frightening if you read the headlines. But when there exists this much negative energy, one must remember that energy cannot be qualified as good nor bad, it just is. Universal law states, out of chaos order must come. And the more lightworkers we have to hold the grid of peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, the more quickly we can make that manifest. Step up to the plate, step into your power, and sign up for the DI class today. Presently there are two classes open at SOMA. The one weekend a month for seven months starts Friday, April 24th, 2009. And the two week class is June 14th to the 27th, 2009.

Reiki vs. Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission:

From a client: “I have been a Reiki Master for several years. Reiki is a powerful energetic healing modality, promoting healing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. I recently received a Divine Intervention (DI) treatment from Dr. Laing. The modalities are similar at first glance, however DI works on a higher vibrational level than Reiki. To better understand this, if you are not familiar with energy work, you must realize that all things vibrate at a specific level, the higher the vibrational level, the healthier the object is.”

With Reiki, the healing takes place at the time of the treatment, whether you are physically there, or a distance treatment is being done. When performing Reiki, the practitioner can feel imbalances in energy, however, it is generalized. Your body’s vibrational level is raised and generally it takes a few hours for it to fully adjust to the “balancing” that took place.

A DI practitioner operates at a higher vibrational level than is achieved by a Reiki practitioner. This allows for more precise work to be done. The other difference I noted is that several days after the treatment, I was still feeling “releases” of negative energy both physically and emotionally. Although I felt better immediately, my energy level has stayed at a higher level without as much work to keep it there.

Jennifer ~ AdiMa

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